FreshHema proceeds to next stage of its private brand building

Release time:2020-12-18

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Till the end of November, the sales share of FreshHema's private brand products went to 10%, which is almost the highest in the domestic retail industry. From the launch of Daohuaxiang rice, the first private brand of FreshHema in 2016, to FreshHema’s Blue Label, FreshHema’s Workshop, FreshHema’s Daily fresh and other private brands, FreshHema now owns over 1000 SKUs, and its private brand system has been initially formed.

In the process of building the system for FreshHema’s private brand, the products have gone from cooperating with manufacturers to Ali's digital agricultural production warehouse. FreshHema has also completed the circle of production, supply and marketing from the supply chain to the consumption scene, and entered private brand building in the second path.

Judging from the current disclosed data, since this year, FreshHema has launched more than 20,000 new SKUs, of which more than 6,000 are FreshHema's private brand products. On the face of that, FreshHema creates explosive SKU and drives its private brand by category. In fact, FreshHema is focusing on products and the demand value of products in terms of quality and personalization.


With a complete manufacturing industry chain, supply chain and rich product categories, it can be said that FreshHema has reached the second path of its private brand.

At present, the development of domestic private brands has reached the stage of realization. Traditional retailers such as China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart, Yonghui, Wumart, etc. have also begun to make efforts to develop their private brands in recent years. The main purpose is to promote market share, increase gross profit, create brand value, differentiate operation, enhance store image, and increase customer loyalty through private brand. It can be said that "private brand" is a topic that all retail companies must try in some stage.

FreshHema has been devoted in private brand for 4 years, and its private brand product system has been initially completed, which is leading the domestic retailer. How to use its private brand to occupy the needs of users and further consolidate its private products, supply chain, and brand value are issues that need to be considered in the next step of FreshHema.

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