The Annual Report of Golden Star Awards

Release time:2020-12-24

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The Annual Report of Golden Star Awards



Purpose of Golden Star Awards

Imitating PLMA selection’s experience; Excavating highlights from China’s private brand products; Increasing the proportion of private brands and the power of the private brand team in the enterprise.

For Private Brand in western countries, its growth is in line with the trend and demand of economic development, while Chinese private brands are still in the primary stage.

At present, the retail market needs to establish a group of private brands "pacesetter", which has the reference value.

Incubating a Golden Star products requires an excellent team of retailers and manufacturers, relying on a marketing model that goes deep into consumers.

Through the selection of "Golden Star Award", we expect retail enterprises to create more cost-effective private brand products, and expect manufacturers to "keep working hard" to produce high-quality products with the "Made in China" label.




Characteristic of 4th Golden Star Award

Focusing on the whole process of private brand incubation, from outstanding retail team, excellent suppliers, great products to perfect marketing; reflecting the development of the whole private brand products, the overall excellence is the most prominent distinction.

Multi-dimensional experts form a panel of judges to select the best private brand products from the perspectives of packaging, commercial value and strategic value in a fair, just and scientific way.

Through the evaluation of "integrated marketing award", explore an effective private brand marketing road, improve the overall sales of private brand products.

Select the best retailer’s private brand team, give play to the power of example in the private brand team, and form a good atmosphere of "chasing each other" in the industry.

Through the quality supplier award, establish the manufacturer benchmark of "excellent in character and learning", and jointly improve the quality of China's private brand products.


The contestant status

Total of 158 products from 44 retail enterprises and 54 suppliers participated in the competition for 4 awards. After the first round of selection, 149 products from 40 retail enterprises and 45 suppliers entered the final judging stage.

40 retailers offered 149 categories of goods, covering 25 categories, the most diverse from past. There were 32 product awards, 5 integrated marketing awards, 9 best Team awards and 10 quality supplier awards.

The 40 retail enterprises come from 23 regions in 15 provinces, among which Guangdong and Shanghai have the largest number of players, accounting for 22.5% and 17.5% respectively, which is in line with the situation that the south is better than the north and the coast is better than the inland.

Food accounted for 51.6%, non-food 30.9%, and fresh 17.5% of the products. Retail enterprises participating in the evaluation have more confidence in their own brand food.

The 149 participating enterprises provide products from 45 domestic high-quality private brand product manufacturers, serving excellent domestic and foreign retail enterprises, and they are the practitioners of private brand in China.


Summary of Judges' Review

The selection of products, marketing cases, retailers' private brand teams and suppliers in this year's Golden Star Awards show us the future of private brands in China and strengthen our confidence to continue to vigorously support and develop private brands.

There is still a gap between China's private brands and those of European and American, and even domestic retailers and suppliers, and those of their foreign counterparts. This must be clearly understood.

The selection of the Golden Star Award is based on the judgments made by the experts of the jury on the products and data provided by the participating enterprises according to the selection criteria, which does not mean that the products and enterprises that did not win the award are denied. The jury expects the whole retail industry to provide practical experience and work direction for more retail enterprises to develop their own brands through the Golden Star Award.



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